The difficulty of passage isn't the only reason amendment is a last resort. While the Constitution is law itself, it's mainly used as a source of legislation and can be hard to enforce without it. 

Enacting legislation is discussed repeatedly in this proposal, but nothing it recommends is mandatory and legislators can extrapolate from the amendment's text. Some of it will be determined at the state level (see Redistricting for State Offices). But the Information Age is making it much easier for the public to take part in the legislative process, bringing us back almost to the town-hall environment of the early federal period.

To ensure smooth, immediate and nondefeating enactment, enacting legislation should be drafted in advance of ratification and posted online to be checked by the public. Ask any members of Congress or state legislatures who are interested, but knowledgeable members of the public can also draft it.

​America will always act to assure free and fair elections. It's who we are. A new national effort to make our political process work better for us will get it done.

Image, George Hodan

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Enacting It with Legislation

Ratifying It

None of this will happen overnight,
but our system is going through a transformation
that will play out for a generation. 

The resolution has only allotted two years for ratification, and 3/4 of the states must ratify within that time period for the amendment to become part of the Constitution. But most amendments have been ratified faster, and most Americans know how important this is.

We are in a time of extraordinary change. Civic engagement is more important than ever. Focus on our future: help remake the system to work better for us. This is the kind of future our kids deserve.

To ratify, we'll have to bypass our state legislatures. When this amendment passes Congress they will propose it to the states. When it comes to the state level, each state will use state Ratification Conventions with delegates nominated by popular petition and elected by popular ballot. Remember that opponents will have their petitions ready.

Law or political science classes can teach what is needed in your state, and how to draft the proposal and nominations for the Ratification Conventions and get them to your state legislature. Take care to find delegates who will be effective and faithful to the public's needs. The public can file to have the budget made constitutional from the date of ratification on.