Section 2

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2  Elections​

“The United States will guarantee to every State fairly contested and impartially conducted elections, monitored and audited, and proceeding no longer than nine months before the electoral vote. No private person or entity will conduct granting, apportionment, districting, or the holding, tallying, monitoring, or auditing of elections. The United States and every State will enforce the right of a citizen eighteen years of age or older to vote, not to vote, or to abstain regarding any office or proposal, in United States or State elections.” 

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"Just end Citizens' United."

Where would that leave us? One day before Citizens' United!

We needed to repair, restore & safeguard

the public's rights and powers in the political process

long before then. 

Citizens' United is a symptom, not a cause. 

The Constitution structures complete regions of law

& government. 

Using it for minor topical details can make matters worse.

(Remember Prohibition?)