Penalizing Political Coercion

"A candidate or offiecer who knowingly benefits

from political fraud, coercion or bribery

will forfeit the office." 

"The United States and every State

will enforce the right of a citizen eighteen years of age or older

to vote, not to vote, or to abstain regarding any office 

in United States or State elections,

or any proposal in State elections."

Protection of the rights to vote freely, not to vote, and to abstain works with this section.

Both add teeth to laws against ballot box stuffing, purchase of votes, intimidation of voters,

and similar practices prior to or during elections that some politicians may be tempted to do

when disenfranchisement and abridgment are penalized and full voting is supported

(see Preventing Voter Fraud, also No Penalty or Force).

The penalties, such as forfeiture of public office

affect candidates because they have the power to run cleaner campaigns 

and the responsibility to police their staff.