Limiting Length of Electoral Periods

Amendment XXVIII, (proposed), Section 2: “The United States will guarantee to every State […] elections, […]

proceeding no longer than nine months before the electoral vote.”

The electoral process takes longer and longer, distracting our elected officers from their daily business of governing. We can reshape campaign seasons down to a length that works better and costs less.

 This section sets a maximum of nine months for the entire process.Section 1 makes this possible by eliminating time-consuming fundraising. When campaigns are privately financed, the spiral of competition forces elected officers to spend ever more time fundraising.

This clause works with Section 1 by helping Congress plan the next year’s

self-governance periods and allocation.

Primaries are elections but the Constitution defines them by their purpose: they are primary,

the first act in conducting one whole election.

They are included in the length of that whole election,

not separate for the purpose of the nine-month electoral period.

But because they are elections and candidates campaign for votes in them,

the campaigning period in section 1 applies to them.

“No longer than nine months” lets us vary the duration of the electoral process

when circumstances require it.

We may find a shorter period enough,

but without fundraising it’s hard to conceive of needing a longer one.​​