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Section 4 preserves the balance of powers.

‚ÄčThe Balance of Powers in Emergencies

When an emergency reduces either House of Congress below quorum,

state governments can respond with temporary replacements

faster than special elections can be held.

Although the kind of emergency this answers may never happen, the section adds significant power to the states when the government would be weak and especially vulnerable to possible abuse.

This is an exception to the text's balance of state and United States powers

and must be given serious consideration.

What section 4 adds to states' powers

balances a potential reduction of state powers

in sections 2  (Making Elections Work) and 3 (Districting for State Offices),

although they don't alter any text regarding this balance.

It isn't necessary for an amendment to retain any particular balance of powers

but it's best to balance losses with gains.

And preserving the continuity of government takes precedence.