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The Impartiality Clause

But aren't parties all about elections?

This amendment doesn't prevent parties from running candidates. It doesn't prevent them from campaigning. They'll get funds from the same grants as everyone else.


Patronage, the granting of offices in exchange for assistance gaining the offices above them, was the campaign corruption issue of the Victorian era. We finally made it illegal. But parties aren't candidates. Patronage lives on in them. Patronage doesn't create jobs. It fills existing jobs with people who aren't qualified to perform them. This makes party-hired election workers especially vulnerable to requests to commit electoral fraud, a form of political fraud, and other abuses. It also places unqualified donors in appointed positions, including the bench.

Impartial conduct of elections also requires laws controlling partisanship in all electoral functions. Most government officers belong to parties.

We can't have free and fair elections until partisanship is removed from certain functions (see Accountability and the Public Elections ClauseImpartial Granting, Leashing the Gerrymander,

and Frozen Apportionment).