Amendment XXVIII, (proposed) Section 5:

" An officer will be expelled or impeached for [...] political fraud [...] A candidate who knowingly benefits from political fraud, coercion or bribery will forfeit the office. [...]"

Political fraud and coercion is a large category, but electoral fraud is one form of it.

Any elected or appointed officer will be expelled or impeached for any form of political fraud or coercion(see Penalizing Political FraudPenalizing Political Coercion, and the Enforcement and the Rights of Officers subsection).

Candidates who knowingly benefit from any form of political fraud or coercion

will forfeit the office, so they’ll improve oversight

and add safeguards to all instructional materials for campaign workers.

They already have the power and the responsibility to do this,

but this clause gives it teeth.

Party workers will also be strongly discouraged from the top.

In a democracy government accountability includes the public. 
Americans care about preserving democratic elections and electoral fraud is rare, but it happens. 

Such criminal practices as ballot box stuffing, changing ballots, double registration, forging absentee ballots,

voting in the name of the deceased or of people who moved without changing their registration, voter intimidation and tricking ineligible voters into voting fall into three categories: 

  • fraud by voters, 
  • fraud by poll workers and other election officials, 
  • and fraud by party or campaign workers.

                                                                                                                                                                                 This amendment provides

                                                          the two most effective forms of prevention
                                                                                                       of voter fraud.

Preventing Voter Fraud



Amendment XXVIII (proposed), Section 2:

"The United States will guarantee to every State fairly contested and impartially conducted elections, monitored and audited, [...]

No private person or entity will conduct granting, apportionment, districting, or the holding, tallying, monitoring, or auditing of elections.

The United States and every State will enforce the right of a citizen eighteen years of age or older to vote, not to vote, or to abstain [...]"

This section guarantees that the United States will enforce fairly contested and impartially conducted elections.

It also commits both the federal and state governments to protecting the ballot. 

Once the rolls are kept up to date and similar improvements in efficiency are in place, fraud will be much harder. Monitoring and auditing will also reduce fraud by voters, poll workers and other election officials.​​