Why Pay for


Amendment XXVIII, (proposed), Section 1: 

"Congress will annually appropriate  

between one hundredth's-part  

and five hundredths'-parts  

of gross domestic product [...]"

 The first reason:

  • We won’t be paying much more. We already pay for most campaigning (see You Already Do). 

Public funding by budget item also

and puts the public in control: 

There's also a Constitutional reason (see The Public Debate is Self-Governance and Consent of the Governed). Section 1 is aboutliberty.  Keeping public functions free of private transaction keeps our system democratic.​

Liberty in the Constitution always refers to a right held by human beings.

Corporate personhood resulted from an error and can be corrected easily

once this amendment reestablishes the public's ability to hold government

officers accountable (see How to End Corporate Personhood by Statute).

Some bad ideas, and even disingenuous false reforms, are debunked in

10 Myths about Campaign Finance Reform. One of these is discussed at

greater length in Tax Credits/Rebates/Campaign Vouchers.   


End money's influence over electoral outcomes.

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