Use social media. If candidates’ or members’ websites allow comment, comment! Tell them you will be voting. Include the text of the resolution – specificity matters. Post messages asking for their support of this amendment to their Facebook walls. E-mail them. Tweet them, activists, organizations, celebrities, and your friends and family. Search relevant hashtags.

Don't waste your efforts
asking Congress, the Supreme Court, the President or your state or local legislature to change things that only a Constitutional amendment can change (see Statute vs Constitutional Amendment, and the Tomorrow's Issues in Political Process pages). Avoid lesser offers that won't be effective or enforceable. 

Candidates helping each other despite party differences advertise the point of this amendment by example. So do honest campaigns, which are easier when candidates call “foul” on divisive or dirty tactics used against other candidates. Avoid partisanship. Both major parties have been part of this problem. And especially don't get carried away and start a new party. Even a bipartisan faction (like the "Neo-" faction, with arms in both major parties) can take decades to achieve majority power and wouldn’t get an amendment passed before then. 

The public around the world can show solidarity with protests.
America has the same right as any other country to ask the world's support when needed to ensure free and fair elections. We have used far stronger methods to help other countries gain free and fair elections over the opposition of factions in their governments.

Hold the high road.
Peaceful and law-abiding action, cooperating with any authorities, is presumed. This is not a revolution but a restoration. Passage will help government officers do their jobs, but they must follow official practices in the meantime. Please don't put yourself or others in harm's way. Symbolic action goes deep into the mind and stays. Fun activities create community. And love is the most powerful emotion. 


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Get Involved!

The keys to using the system effectively are persistence, creativity and bearing in mind that we’re (almost) all on the same side.​

We don't really

need a revolution. This is a restoration.



this amendment isn't a band-aid.

It's root-and-branch reform, breaking through the disastrous combined effect of long-term errors that won't go away on their own. Do we need it? Yes. Can we get it? That’s up to you.

The great majority of Americans want to resolve this problem, and this amendment changes little Constitutional text because the practices it corrects were never constitutionally endorsed in the first place. Weakening the electorate's right and power of self-governance has weakened America. Repairing and safeguarding these functions will strengthen America. This doesn't call for drastic change or even civil disobedience.

But people have to understand it - and know it exists! - to want it.Start out by educating yourself about what’s at stake and what this amendment does about it. Read this proposal. Look up competing measures and grill them by the Knowing What to Ask about Reforms and How to End Corporate Personhood by Statute sections. You’ll find that this really is the reform measure we need.


Then spread the word! Send it to the media - write letters to the editor. If you are the media, print them. Write articles about the volunteers and why it's so important. Distribute the text by hand or social media. With permission, make it available at colleges and law schools, in libraries, houses of worship and community centers.

 Localities offer permits to address the public: teach this proposed amendment at town meetings, in parks, in malls, on street corners, online, in public access broadcasts, wherever it can be taught. Learn the process, learn the rules, and use them. Counter froth with realism. Political speech should be unlimited? - for how many minutes may you speak at a Town Council meeting?