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We're incorporating!

Pass the reform to begin all reforms.

Corporate objective:

To pass and retify an amendment

to the Constitution of the United States

repairing, restoring & safeguarding the public's role

in the political process


Volunteer board member, 501c4,

New York State charitable organization (both pending)

Initial or permanent

Term: 3 initial Directors: until board election

           7-12 permanent national Directors: one year

                                                                         can be reeelected



  • Continue to develop the overall plan to pass & ratify the amendment
  • Develop an annual strategic plan
  • Develop or approve strategic plans for specific legislative or litigious goals
  • Approve annual plans & budgets

Govern the corporation's overall affairs,

   as defined in Articles of Incorporation and bylaws

  • Create initial or official bylaws, policies & rules 
  • Coordinate national efforts or direct state efforts
  • Appoint directors & officers

Conduct annual review,

   including evaluating performance of officers & the board

Conduct fundraising

Conduct direct & grassroots advocacy

Attend at least quarterly & emergency meetings

   (may attend by video conference)


Civil liberties, public policy



Public speaking


Social media

What sets you apart?

Send resume to:

An Amendment to Repair, Restore & Safeguard the Political Process

Attention: Michelle Nappi

PO Box 322, New York, NY 10276-0322