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They can't free themselves.

To reach your Senators and Representative:

1. Connect to the House or Senate directory with the red    buttons at the top.
2. Click on his or her page.
3. Find the e-mail box and ask for his or her support for this  resolution. 
    Tell them we don’t need a Constitutional convention, just this  amendment!
4. To prevent confusion attach the full text, with title  &"Resolved" heading. 


  • publicly & transparently funds campaigns
  • prohibits corporate & foreign control
  • keeps funding within the range we tend to spend
  • safeguards freedom of speech                                                                                                           

Section 1 is about liberty.
Keeping public functions free of private transaction

keeps our system democratic.
How does this system succeed where others have failed?
By tracking the political-rights clauses exactly.

  • makes elections impartial, public & fairly contested
  • safeguards voting rights & the ballot
  • adds a right to abstain
  • limits length of electoral periods
  • restores the vote to all Americans

Section 2 is about rights.
Government can't reflect the public’s will unless the public votes.

  • assures access to government for all economic levels   
  • ends partisan gerrymandering & gridlock        
  • repairs partisan rules inside Congress
  • reduces the ratio of constituents to Representative

Section 3 is about power.
Balancing it for all economic levels. 
Balancing it for all parties and independents, making

voting majorities the only way parties differ in power.

Restoring population-based power in the House to reduce corporate power versus the population, without

making small states victims of large ones (or vice versa).                                          

  • safeguards continuity of Congress

Section 4 is about safety.
There’s a difference between Congress on break

and Congress unable to meet if we needed them to.


  • prohibits political coercion, extortion, bribery & fraud
  • requires truth & accuracy
  • takes money out of lobbying
  • safeguards political rights in court

Section 5 is about enforcement.
How do you fight corruption? Take away its weapons.


Amendment to Repair, Restore & Safeguard the Political Process

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New York NY 10276-0322

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or the Free Congress Foundation. 

The amendment and resolution are drafted anonymously. A preliminary version was submitted to Congress in January, 2015. After a period of public comment it was withdrawn for correction. Thank you for participating! This, the final version, was submitted to all members of the 114th Congress on June 12, 2015, voiding the prior Congressional submission and any public support conveyed to Congress. It is for all intents and purposes a new amendment. The amendment & resolution were submitted to the 115th Congess on January 5, 2017.

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Congress won’t accept support statements that have to be corrected. The apostrophe is before the “s” in the singular “one hundredth’s-part”, but it’s after the “s” in the plural “five hundredths’-parts”. (Example: One Senator is one-hundredth of the Senate, or a single hundredth’s-part of the whole. Five Senators are five-hundredths of the Senate, or five hundredths’-parts of the whole.) And gross domestic product isn't gross national product (see Percentage of GDP). If it’s wrong, please e-mail us at Thank you!

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submitted to the 115th congress

Article XXVIII​

Resolved, ​by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America 
assembled in Congress with two-thirds of each House in agreement,
that the following Article is  proposed as the Twenty-eighth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, 
which will be valid to all intents and purposes as part of the Constitution

when ratified by three-fourths of the several States within two years, 
by Conventions of delegates nominated by popular petition and elected by popular ballot.​ 

Section 1

The people of the United States will ordain and establish United States government under this Constitution, 
and the United States will fund and certify self-governance during a period set by Congress, 
uniform throughout the States, preceding any vote in an election, appointment or Act. 
Congress will annually appropriate between one hundredth's-part and five hundredths'-parts 
of one percent of gross domestic product for all support and opposition concerning measures or candidates, 
including signature drive, and these included in other promotion. 
In public view Congress, but neither candidates nor sponsors of bills, will first allocate in a uniform amount 
but when repeating these will consider time, place and manner of speech, including repetition. 
A citizen may conduct such self-governance and an inhabitant may donate labor, 
but no tax, credit or obligation will be affected for self-governance. 

Section 2

The United States will guarantee to every State fairly contested and impartially conducted elections, 
monitored and audited, and proceeding no longer than nine months before the electoral vote. 
No private person or entity will conduct granting, apportionment, districting, 
or the holding, tallying, monitoring, or auditing of elections. 
The United States and every State will enforce the right of a citizen eighteen years of age or older 
to vote, not to vote, or to abstain regarding any office or proposal, in United States or State elections.​

Section 3

A uniform ratio will divide all States to apportion to each State at least one Representative, 
who will represent at least thirty thousand and at most two hundred thousand. 

Districts will represent economic level and geography, 
but no person’s access to government will be abridged.

Section 4

​​When either House has too few Members able to attend to reach quorum, 
the executives of affected States will issue writs of election to fill those vacancies. 
But when less than three months remain in the term or when the President declares a state of emergency, 
a State's legislature may empower its executive to make temporary appointments before issuing writs of election; 
when that office is vacant,

that legislature will have power to make temporary appointments before issuing writs of election; 
when a State's legislature also falls below possible quorum, 
its executive will have power to make temporary appointments to Congress before issuing writs of election, 
but if that office is also vacant a write-in election will take place. 
When writs do not issue promptly, a State may petition its legislature for an election. 

Section 5

The United States will fund the direction of exercise of its offices. 
An officer will be expelled or impeached for accepting or soliciting any private money, present, benefit or promise, 
or for coercion or political fraud, not excluding by speech or debate on the floor. 
A candidate who knowingly benefits from political fraud, coercion or bribery will forfeit the office. 
Titles and descriptions of Acts of the United States and of States will be true and accurate. 
An officer sworn or affirmed to support this Constitution will petition Congress to support its legal force, 
equal in all text including “We the People”, unless repealed by Amendment.     ​

​[End of Amendment. End of Resolution. May not be added to, subtracted from, or altered.]


This extrinsic Proposal to the People of the United States will be provided to all members of Congress and all delegates to Ratification Conventions.

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Free Congress - Be Congress

You are the government.

To be human is to have political responsibilities,

and the inalienable political rights and powers needed to fulfill them. 

When the law safeguarding those rights and powers is undermined, you are responsible for repairing and restoring it.

​This is how.

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