• end gerrymandering & gridlock        
  • assure access to government for all economic levels 
  • end partisan rules inside Congress
  • reduce the ratio of constituents to Representative

Section 3 is about power.
Balancing it for all economic levels. 
Balancing it for all parties and independents. 
Reducing corporate power versus the people,

while keeping states in balance.                                          


  • publicly & transparently fund campaigns
  • prohibit corporate & foreign control
  • keep funding within the range we tend to spend
  • safeguard freedom of speech                                                                     

Section 1 is about liberty.
Public funding keeps elections democratic.

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You are the government. 

To be human is to have political responsibilities, 
and the inalienable political rights and powers needed to fulfill them. 

When the law safeguarding those rights and powers is undermined,

you are responsible for repairing and restoring it.

​This is how.


teaches a few basic skills:

  • how to compare bills 
  • how to read the Constitution 
  • how to pass an amendment 
  • how to run for Congress and more...

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The Political Revolution

What It Is

& How to Make It Happen


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  • make elections impartial, public & fair​
  • safeguard voting rights & the ballot
  • add a right to abstain
  • limit length of electoral periods
  • restore the vote to all Americans

Section 2 is about rights.
Government can't reflect the public’s will without

secure voting rights  and a secure ballot.

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This extrinsic proposal to the people of the United States
 will be provided to all members of Congress 
and all delegates to ratification conventions.

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  • prohibit political coercion, extortion, bribery & fraud
  • require truth & accuracy
  • take money out of lobbying
  • safeguard political rights in court

Section 5 is about enforcement.
How do you fight corruption? 
Take away its weapons.

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  • safeguard continuity of Congress

Section 4 is about safety.
There’s a difference between Congress on break and Congress unable to meet if we needed them to.

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Then discover:

How did problems start?

What can we do now?

Use our proposed amendment as your guide

to tour the world of corruption & the Constitution.