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       - prohibit political coercion,



                                  & fraud

       - require truth in politics

           - lasso runaway presidential powers

       - tame lobbying

           - safeguard political rights in court

    How do you fight corruption?

    Take away its weapons.


              All you need to cut corruption NOW

          is right here.


                                                                   Let's do it!


       and for those of you who want more ...



     - make elections public & nonpartisan

     - safeguard voting rights & the ballot

   - restore the vote to all Americans


   Government can't reflect the people's will 

   until we secure voting rights & ballots.

 ​​It's here!





​                                  Course


     Everything you need to know

     about corruption in America today,

     and what you can do about it!

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When you're tired of

"the system is broken..."

Repair it.

Restore the public accountability

and the political process

we established in the Constitution.

Safeguard your powers, as well as your rights.

This is how.

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Are my state's districts gerrymandered?

Is Congress in Wall Street's pocket?

When does an earmark become pork?

How should I compare

campaign finance reforms?

Can political payback be legal?

Do judges take kickbacks?

How did filibusters begin?

Does the pardon power include the president?

Why do staffers draft bills? Can they be lobbyists?

What if the government refuses

to hold an election?

Where did the "vanishing clauses" go?

Can my state lose House seats after growing?

What can states do about political machines?

What about Citizens United?

The Electoral College?

Do we need a Constitutional Convention?

   ...and what's a czar anyway?​​

​​​No Gerrymandering!

New bill

Fight gerrymandering

& protect elections

at the same time!

    HOW TO

        - compare reform ideas

     - read laws, caselaw, & the Constitution

     - protest safely

     - write your own bills

     - pass legislation

      See our slate of State and US bills 

   Free Congress, or Be Congress! 

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Founded in 2014

by bill drafter & constitutional analyst

Michelle Nappi, 

RepairRestoreSafeguard, Inc.

is one of the most respected

public accountability organizations

in America today.

"Free Congress! Be Congress" has no connection with Let' 
or the Free Congress Foundation

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        - end Citizens United

        - publicly & transparently fund campaigns

     - hold down campaign spending

     safeguard campaign ethics

     - safeguard freedom of political speech


      Public campaign funding

      keeps elections democratic.​​​​




     - end gerrymandering & gridlock

     - represent all economic levels 

     - end partisan rules in Congress

     - lower # of people per member

     - protect functions in emergencies


    Balance it  for all economic levels.

    Balance it  for state & US government.

      Balance it  for all parties & independents.

    Keep it in balance  in emergencies.